5 Must-Haves For a Hot Fire Aesthetic!


One of the things I get asked about and complimented on the most is my aesthetic. As a double Taurus (Sun + Moon) making beautiful things is definitely my MO. And while it might look like my aesthetic is meticulously crafted—it comes a lot easier than people think! Why? Because an aesthetic should always amplify your brand message and mission. NEVER replace it. 

A common thing that comes up in my Creatrix Activations (My 1:1 creative mentorship sessions) when it comes to aesthetics is that people are worried that they'll be trapped with the same one forever! They don't want to be stuck implementing the same style over and over again.

But aesthetics, just like style—are fluid! Your brand should always be on solid ground, but your aesthetic? can (and SHOULD) change and transform WITH you!

Think about it: When you go to change your outfit—do you change your body too? Do you suddenly stop being your hot and audacious self because you're wearing a sweatshirt and leggings today? Absolutely not. So as long as your brand aura is strong (i.e As long as you KNOW who you are, what you do and WHO you do it for) your aesthetic is basically a playground for your self expression! This is the foundation needed before we can play with the creation of a fully embodied aesthetic.

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So now that we have the foundation of our brand, we can begin to add a little personal style to it 😉. Keep on reading for my 5 Must-Haves For a Hot Fire Aesthetic!



What's your viiiiiiiibe? This word may seem elusive but when we strip it to its bare bones it all comes down to how do you want to make people feel? Think of the coolest person you've ever met. Or the most memorable restaurant you've ever had dinner at...what do all those people and places have in common? They have an irresistible VIBE. They make you FEEL something! If your brand were a person, a place, a song, a scent—what would it be? What impact would you like it to have?


Colour is VERY important for a hot fire aesthetic. A canvas is just a canvas until you paint it. Colour should be the vessel for your brands vibe—not a crutch for your lack of one. Two colours does not an aesthetic make (you can quote me). I often see people resort to their favourite colours and end up with a checkered looking website or grid and it's very 2015. Instead, work with colour intentionally. Consider colour psychology. Play with different shades of a colour. Pull colour inspiration from your favourite artworks. Create a PALETTE. Not just a combination. 


Texture is all the little extra design elements that make your visuals POP. Texture can be in the form of prints, stickers, motifs, symbols. Texture is pleasing to the eye because it adds a 3D element to colour which is otherwise flat. For example: How many one colour text posts do you come across on IG? Do you care for them? Do they excite you? My guess is not likely. Play with texture and graphic elements to add some life to your creations. 


Your aesthetic needs a voice. A point of view. A beautiful thing without anything to be said about it is vapid and (arguably worse) boring.  Take some time to think about what you care about. The things that weigh on your mind and heart. And use them to create stunning visuals that speak to that energy. Not only will your audience be engaged by your stunning visuals, they'll also connect it with your fresh perspective. 


BE YOUR GODDAMN SELF! Seriously. As someone who has dealt with a lot of copycats I can confidently say imitation is a waste of time and not nearly as flattering as people like to think it is. If you're struggling with untangling yourself from your influences—get back to basics. What things did you enjoy as a kid? What feels FUN to you? What comes naturally to you? What do people compliment you on the most? It's cool to be inspired by people but make sure that you're always being true to your weird misfit unicorn self. 


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