WTF is a Creative Urge—And How To Do Something About It

blue holographic image with a stylized ripped piece of white paper on it that reads WTF is a creative urge and what to do about it

Hey Creatrix Babe!

Yesterday I posted to my stories if y'all would be down for some blog posts and majority of you said HELL YEAH so here we are. Another creative urge actualized ;)

But what IS a creative urge? And WHY is honouring them SO important? A creative urge is not just a desire to create or to make something. It's a divine channel opening up. A window of opportunity. An involuntary action.

Honestly it's a bit like a sneeze.

Have you ever stifled a sneeze and felt like okay, wtf this sucks? That's what happens when we ignore creative urges. Creativity is human. We are ALL creative. Because creativity isn't a personality trait. It's an ACTION. Your creative urge is only half complete if it isn't alchemized into REALITY. 

Osho says in his book Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within

"And one has to be creative. If your love is only a feeling and is not translated into action, it won't affect the larger humanity. You have to make it a reality. You have to materialize it."

I feel like we don't often look at our creative urges through the macro lens of humanity. We're always just painting. Just dancing. Just creating. But I believe that our creative urges are actually the universes' will—moving and materializing through our strengths and talents. Through our brilliance and genius. And it really is brilliant isn't it? To see something in your minds eye and bring it into the world. 

So what does a Creative Urge feel like? Well, chances are you HAVE experienced one before. It usually goes something like this:


THE PLANTING (Ideation + Vision)

You begin to see the fuzzy edges, the seed of an idea. Sometimes it's actually clear as day, other times it's just a word. a vision. a flash of something from the future. This is your inner visionary travelling through time to bring you word of something not of this world...yet. 

THE SPROUTING (Action + Obstacle)

Then you feel the physical urge. The pull. This is the creative urge wanting to MOVE through your body. The goal of all creative urges is materialization. So your urge sends you signals in hopes of spurring you into action. You feel excited, empowered, like you could take flight amidst the pieces of this vision all coming together right before your minds eye. 

Suddenly, somewhere in the world—a clock has started ticking. The ticking is not part of your urge. Because an urge is not on a deadline. The ticking clock is (surprise, surprise) capitalist conditioning. Which almost always comes up at the most important stage of seeing a creative urge through. This is the part where you can get caught up in "details" if you're not careful. How long will this take? Can I actually do this? I don't have time for this! This isn't unique!--It's honestly the worst. 

The key to NOT getting stuck here is to remind yourself that this isn't a race. A creative urge that's found it's way to you can only be carried out through YOU. Even if the idea feels similar to something you've seen before. Even if someone you already know is doing something close to this one could carry it out in the way that YOU can. If and when you feel this way, try to refocus your attention on your initial vision. Always come back to the vision. 


Now this is both the most effortless and complicated part. Effortless because all we really need to do is allow the urge to move us. To settle into us and GUIDE us to the next step. And the next. And the next. It gets complicated when we begin to second guess our urge. Wait for things to be perfect, get too ahead of ourselves, criticize our process or compare our efforts and methods to someone else's. A creative urge is not about perfection. Not about money. Not about fame or recognition. 

It's about expressing. Giving. Sharing a part of yourself with the world. 

And when we can FINALLY view our creativity and our urges as something we are meant to share. to express, and to ultimately give away. THEN we can really start to make some magic. 😉


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