Money Honey Spell Mist
Money Honey Spell Mist
Money Honey Spell Mist
Money Honey Spell Mist

Money Honey Spell Mist

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Cha-Ching! Ready to call in some money, Honey?

Money Honey spell mist was crafted to help you secure the bag and cultivate deep gratitude. My whole life my mother instilled this mantra into my sister and I: "Money Always Comes" and this cute lil' spell mist will be like that for you ;) a reminder that the universe has your back and your bank. 

Simply hold the intention in your heart to feel grateful for all you have and excited for more and spray generously in any room or on your person. This batch smells like refreshing ginger and lime!

Each bottle contains small pieces of Green Aventurine to enhance luck and opportunity 💖

Use Money Honey For:

♡ Calling in bigger better things in your life

♡ When you want to feel grounded and grateful for where you are

♡ Cleansing cards and yourself after a reading/spellwork

♡ Enhancing intention candles 

♡ Cleansing your crystals 

PLEASE READ: Remember to shake WELL before every use! If sensitive to fragrances, please conduct a patch test first. 

size: 30mL Glass Bottle 

Refunds are not accepted, but if you have any problems with your order please contact me as soon as possible ♡