StyleScope Personal Shopping & Style Guide

StyleScope Personal Shopping & Style Guide

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Do you find it frustrating AF to get dressed in the morning?

You have a closet FULL of clothes and yet nothing to wear? Everything you own feels dated, impulsive or just not quite YOU.

Time to get more intentional with your clothes and style cosmic babe! My newest service STYLESCOPE pulls inspiration from your natal chart to help you discover your personal style and build a wardrobe that feels aligned to wear!

As Pluto moves into Aquarius, and Saturn moves into Pisces--the impact of our individual choices on the collective will be under review. With the rise of fast fashion, video hauls and viral products-- it's easy to lose yourself in the trends. STYLESCOPE will help those looking to express themselves through their personal style shop smarter and wear clothes that makes them feel like the most confident version of themselves. 


What's In a StyleScope:

An in-depth PDF Shopping and Style Guide

Tips on how to channel your major placements through fashion and outfits  

Style, aesthetic and clothing recommendations (With shop-able links!)

Tips on what to remove from your wardrobe 

A custom colour palette 


StyleScope is for you IF:

♡You always feel like you have nothing to wear

♡You want to rediscover your personal style

♡You want to dress better and feel more confident in your clothes 

♡ You're in a style rut and are ready to break FREE! 

♡You're entering a new phase in your life and want your wardrobe to reflect that 


How It Works: After purchasing a StyleScope you will receive a confirmation email that leads to a virtual questionnaire (This will help me shop for you and learn about your personal style goals!) After you submit your form, StyleScopes can take up to 20 days to complete. I promise it is worth the wait! :)